What Workshop Should I Start With?

If you want to learn to use presets or to edit photos in Lightroom, then you should start with Lightroom Basics .

If you want to learn to use actions or edit in Photoshop, then you should start with Photoshop Basics .

If you want to learn how to use your manual camera settings and you want to take better photos then Camera Basics is the course for you.

For Photoshop we recommend this progression.

1.) Photoshop Basics

2.) Creating Luscious Light Webinar

3.) The Create Workshop

4.) Photoshop Bootcamp

5.) Artistry Portrait Workshop

The individual edits are generally intermediate to advanced and not recommend for Beginners. These include Freedom Tribe Edit, Exposure Edit #1, Exposure Edit #2, Create Webinar Edits, the Spring, Summer, and Autumn Editing Collections, and Winterize It.

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